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AMD may have canceled the launch of the new AMD 285x R9

AMD may have canceled the launch of the new AMD 285x R9

September 24, 2014 3:42 am0 comments

Weeks ago, at the end of last month of August, AMD during its 30th Anniversary event presented its new architecture in graphics cards, the AMD Tonga, this GPU gave life to the new AMD Radeon R9 285, which is already among us and is available in stores, this GPU is the one that contest and outperforms the GTX 760 waiting to see what happens with the new GTX 960, but was expected that AMD launched shortly after a new GPU also based in Tonga, precisely depending with Tonga XT core, this model would be the new AMD Radeon R9 285X, which would directly compete with the unknown GTX 960, but after a look at a tweet from the company, maybe R9 285X don´t be released.

This tweet is part of a question on whether there is latest news about R9 285X, to what AMD answered that they only have launched the R9 285 and R9 285X doesn´t exist for them, this has caused rumors that the Tonga XT variant does not appear or AMD is waiting the launching of the new GTX 960 to release a direct attack.

AMD 285x R9

This rumor about the demise of the AMD R9 285X, seems to be just that, a rumor, we don´t believe that AMD has said goodbye to AMD R9 285X,its release was planned by the end of this month, which only fits the next week, so by now we have to wait the end to give more veracity to this rumor, which may only have some reason and AMD is holding its R9 285X to the arrival of NVIDIA GTX 960, but only this is a small delay to the exit to the market.

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