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February 11, 2014 8:36 am1 comment


We’ve been showing you since a few weeks some analysis of GAMDIAS products, and so far most of them have been keyboards, mice and headsets, so it’s time to show you the analysis of a different product, since the brand not only makes peripherals but also a few accessories, always focused on the Gaming world. We’re now talking about the GAMDIAS AGON, a specific glove for Gamers with a design intended to improve mouse control.

The key of this AGON device is that it has a pad of soft material in the wrist, so it emulates having a wrist rest on the mouse pad at all times. This part reduces hand fatigue in long gameplay sessions. On the other hand, t is made ​​of elastic Lycra, so it is very convenient in theory, and also breathable. It’s available in two sizes, which together with the velcro adjustment makes it perfect for all sizes of hands (though a model for left-handed users hasn’t been presented yet).


In addition to what we have said before, GAMDIAS has published on its website all of its features except for the dimensions of the two available sizes.


The rest of the features are the following:

  • Made of lycra elastic, so that the material is comfortable and breathable.
  • Easy to apply and remove thanks to its two strips.
  • Pad in the wrist to reduce fatigue.
  • Ergonomic Velcro to fit any size.


The GAMDIAS AGON is packed in the manufacturer’s box as it’s the standard, although this is smaller than usual, because it must adapt to each hand size. It has a clear plastic window at the top so you can see the product.


As accessories, this includes only the AGON logo stickers, as usual.


Below you can see the glove. There’s a logo of the brand on top of it, while the anagram GAMDIAS is located at the end of the wrist area. The Velcro strap is long enough for the AGON to adapt to any size hand. The model shown here is the big one (size L).


Now, you may have noticed that not all of the glove is made ​​from lycra, but also has areas of synthetic leather which are quite nice to the touch, yet flexible so as not to impede the natural movement of the fingers.

Inside of the glove, we can find the strips in the toe area that will facilitate the removal of the glove. You can also take a look at the detail in this area.




Time to get to work. Those who have read some of my previous reviews know my hands are fairly large. Although I’m not sure if the pictures show it, to give you an idea of ​​the size of my hands, I will say that I can grab down a basketball with one hand without problems. The AGON GAMDIAS size L fits my hand perfectly, both in the fingers and the wrist.


The glove is comfortable to use, although it gets kind of uncomfortable during the first hour, maybe because I’m not used to using this type of peripheral. In the next picture you can see the claw grip type, the one I usually use, but I will say that the palm grip is equally comfortable.


As you can see in the photo below, the pad makes contact with the table or mat perfectly, so you have a permanent padded area that prevents fatigue in both the wrist and the hand.


While this is an accessory for a very specific audience, it is very comfortable to use, and can help professionals and amateurs reduce hand fatigue effectively. It is very comfortable and well suited to the hand and it breathes well so it does not cause additional sweating. It’s also very well made, although it is clear that the stitches are made with a sewing machine (not surprisingly).


● Very comfortable, after a few hours you forget you’re wearing it.

● The pad reduces hand fatigue.

● Easy to take off.

● Doesn’t make your hand sweat.


● Only useful if you’re going to constantly have your hand on the mouse. Not comfortable while typing.

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  • Christophe

    First Impression was, what should i do with only one Glove?

    Gloves come on Pairs for some Reason!

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